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Ascendo System F review

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Ascendo System F review Empty Ascendo System F review

Mensagem  Wireless 30/1/2010, 11:13

As mais recentes colunas da Ascendo receberem um crítica extremamente positiva por parte da 6Moons em parceria com a revista Alemã Fairaudio.


"It simply requires an audition to gauge. I personally responded so powerfully that I acquired the gleaming loaner pair after the review. I still need this speaker for both work and pleasure.

•Ascendo’s System F possesses a rhythmically astute, well defined and unbelievably extended bass which conveys mass and volume with detail and nuance. Only very large rooms above 50m² might wish for more pressurization.
•The midrange/treble sectors are seamlessly integrated and utterly free of preferential treatment.
•The Ascendo is endowed with very high resolution. Percussive noises and transients are exceptionally obvious and sound simply real. Excellent microdynamics penetrate deeply into tone textures to reveal harmonic modulations over time. •Coupled to microdynamic finesse, this speaker distinguishes itself with macrodynamic attacks and grand SPL stability. •Given good recordings, the System F is nearly holographic and voices and instruments are properly embodied.
•The virtual stage mostly begins behind the base line. Width and particularly depth are well beyond average. The Ascendo System F combines involvement and ‘correctness’."

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