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Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW

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Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW Empty Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW

Mensagem  Wireless 17/1/2010, 11:03

Aqui poderão ver fotos e comentários sobre material representado pela Ultimate Audio no CES 2010 e THE SHOW. Para além dos links descritos abaixo poderão também consultar a vasta reportagem pela pena do "nosso" JVH aqui:


Playback Designs MPS-5

- Playback Designs MPS-5


Positive Feedback

"I then raced to the Blue Light Audio suite where Jonathan Tinn, Mr. Playback Designs, was presenting a knock your socks off system sonic show. Powered by the darTZeel Swiss made NHB-458 monoblocks, $135k and 1000 watts per channel, the Evolution Acoustics MM Two loudspeakers were amazing. With gorgeous fit and finish, they sported top notch Acuton drivers and more. They sell for only $35k per pair, but look and sound like they should cost double that! Also used was the NHB-18NS preamp with phono section selling for $29k. If the Playback CD was not good enough for you, they had the new Ortofon A-90 MC at $4.2k playing as well. All was hooked up with Audience AR6-T Power5 Conditioning at $4.6k. WOW! What a sound! This was sonically best of show by a very wide margin. Was it the amps? Was it the speakers? Who knows or cares? The end result was an ‘alive with in the room' performance quality sound.

Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW 1263025856

Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW 1263025859
Imagens by Audiogon

Karan Acoustics

- Karan Acoustics KAm 1200 Power Amps
- Karan Acoustics KAL ref MK2 preamp


Best Sound of the Show By Alan Sircom (HIFI Plus Editor)

"Avalon’s new Time loudspeaker was making two very different sounds in two very different rooms. On the 34th floor of the Venetian towers, Avalon’s own room featured the speakers (amid a plethora of DaaD acoustic treatments and Polifermo Helmholtz Resonators) being fed by a dCS source and Jeff Rowland amplification. This was very good. However, I preferred the sound on the 29th, with the same speakers driven by a Zanden integrated CD player, the excellent Karan Acoustics preamp and mono power amplifiers, finite elemente stands and Cardas Clear cables. This last room was a rare thing, especially in a show setting… it sounded like music, not hi-fi.

Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW 1263354365

Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW 1263354369

Stealth Audio Cables

-Stealth Dream Speaker cables & Stealth Sakra Ics

Ultimate Audio Products @ CES & THE SHOW 1263276705


-Ascendo C8


Importador para Portugal das marcas Ascendo, Playback Designs, Karan Acoustics, Kuzma, Symposium, Stealth Cables, Copulare e Via Blue

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