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Directório de marcas de gira-discos.....A

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Directório de marcas de gira-discos.....A Empty Directório de marcas de gira-discos.....A

Mensagem  admin 25/6/2007, 05:57

Acoustic Signature
Makes 4 decks, their main deck is the Analogue One Mk II a high end deck that has been selling well in Germany for the last few years but they have a somewhat cheaper model called The Final Tool that has been getting a lot of interest across the atlantic and great reviews on both continents, you can read a review by Stereotimes of that model. The company recently introduced a "budget" model called Samba that comes with a Rega tonearm as standard, note that the company also has 2 upgrade kit's for that model if you want to improve it at a later date, and finally for those with a love of analogue sound reproduction they have a 3 motor monster called Impact, that model appears to be slightly cheaper than the Analogue One. All those model share the same custom bearing system that is considered to be one of the most succesfull in the business, and are cheaper than most other high mass tables.

Acoustic Solid
German maker of high end players, although it has recently been moving in other directions introducing both mid price players and decks that are in or near the reference class (and price range). Their mainstay is the One to One deck it's a heavy platter deck with a freestanding motor, for those that want a deck that can take more than one tonearm there is the Solid One it's their reference class design, similiar im many ways to their other decks but comes in at a whopping 37 kilos. A version of that deck that can only take one arm is the Solid Edition and at "only 30 kg's" probably easier to get into the house, but there is also a slightly cheaper version called Solid Machine that also can accomidate 3 arms, it has all the design features of the more expencive decks but is smaller and lighter.

The Solid Machine Small is, a high end performance deck at a really good price (relatievly), and as it's made out of polished aluminium damn good looking to boot. The Solid Vintage it the only deck from the company that resembles a normal turntable with a cover etc, its also the only deck from the company that does no not have the motor seperate from the chassis and is Acoustic Solid's entry into the mid range market. Finally there is the Solid Round a deck made out of antiresonant high tech materials rather than the alumuinium that their other decks feature, high end table that can be fitted with 2 tonearms.

Altmann Industrie Elektronik
This company has recently introduced a very interesting turntable called the 776 that is like a cross between a lightwheight brodcast turntable and a consumer desk. It's based around a Technics SP10 MKII motor and subsystem and features a SME ltd. arm and an Ortofon pickup, noticably the deck supports 16 and 78 rpm in addition to the usual 33 and 45.

Well regarded maker of mid to high end turntables.

American DJ
Makes a line of DJ turntables.

Analogue Audio Systems
Makes the Gabriel reference class turntable.

Makes a turntable called 208 that is built around the old Empire turntable.

Makes the high end Konstant turntable, this was one of the first heavy platter turntables on the market and has become something of a classic (it's basic design is close to 20 years old, although it has seen some updates).

Has the high end J-1 turntable that comes with their SL-5 linear tracking arm and the more rationally priced Romance deck that uses the more conventional Romeo tonearm.

Audio Note UK Ltd.
Makes the TT-1, this is an updated version of the old Dunlop Systemdeck IIX, in other words a 3 point suspended sub-chassis deck with an synchronus AC motor in the classic British fashion, this table has been reviewed by Hi-Fi choice, they also have the TT2 wich is an improved variant of of the TT1 with 2 motors for increased speed stability, torque and less interference, the TT2 model also has a much better power supply but appears otherwise to be identical to the 1. Note that unlike the TT1 the TT2 is only available in Black and that there is no information on it on the companies homepage, nor is there any info on their new TT3 Reference model, this is based on the Audio Note UK TT-3 turntable and features the same 3 motor arrangement but eschews the plinth in favour of an open arrangement and the motor subsystem has been improved with the addition of Flywheel and an independent power supply for each motor.

Audio Technica
Makes the AT-PL30, it's a keenly priced model intended to integrate with a midi system, apparently features a built in RIAA preamp and comes with an AT-N3600L MM pickup.

Audio Tekne
Makes the ACP-8801 high end turntable that sports a seperate motor, this model is only made to order and has seen a lot uf updates recently.

Avid Hi-Fi
An English company that has recenlty introduced the Acuts turntable with a seperate powers supply and the Volvere deck.


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