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ICs de baixa cacidade

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ICs de baixa cacidade Empty ICs de baixa cacidade

Mensagem  Anonymou 21/6/2007, 11:41

Here are other that have been recommended by NVA. Taken from his website.

* Nordost (all types)
* DNM (all types)
* Q cable (all types)
Audio Note AND & AND 70
Audioquest F-14, F-18 and Argent
Cable Talk 3 and 4
Chord Company Rumour and Myth
Heybrook Haywire
Ixos Hardcore 6 and 12
Mission Quartet
Monster Cable XP
Naim NAC A5
Ortofon SPK100 & SPK300
QED Qudos
Rega Cable
Silver Sonic T-14
Sonic Link Care Music Cable
Supra Cable 10
Van den Hul Revolution & CS122
XLO Pro Type 625, 0.6 and Pro 600

If a cheap starter cable is required then use Twin and Earth solid core mains cable from a hardware store.

Only the cables with a star are recommended for sonic performance and value by NVA. The remainder are electrically compatible and may prove suitable in your system, but have not been assessed sonically. As a rule, avoid cables of more than 200pF per meter (65 pF per foot) as an outside limit.


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