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Schallwand no ebay

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Schallwand no ebay Empty Schallwand no ebay

Mensagem  Anonymou 19/6/2007, 05:04


Tradução Babel:

With new modified driver for over 400 euro! Higher quality and thus deeper resonant frequency. Dissolves like a Saba and goes as deeply down as a Salabert. Is inferior klanglich in nothing and sets partly still one above drauf. Completely clearly audibly. Here our unique summer offer! The housing shows to which this modified driver in the situation is. The dynamics and 97dB come with orchestras and wind instruments from the boxes shot that one falls nearly from the chair. With many possible list variants, we can adapt the Lautsprecherpostion to your space possibilities. It concerns here a dipoles concept with resonance body and rear diagonally inserted wings for rear distribution in the area. The instrument-like housing and the construction decrease/go back to concepts around 1929. For areas of 16-28qm + - depending upon room acoustics. Here a research model for the coming series. 6Ohm, 97dB, 50*35*108cm


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Schallwand no ebay Empty Re: Schallwand no ebay

Mensagem  Anonymou 20/6/2007, 13:36

Estes não têm altofalantes de feira, como os meus... Razz

A certa altura passaram a usar Visaton, não sei se entretanto mudaram... Idea


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